Clifton Van Brunt Lewis and her husband George Lewis II advocated for civil rights, arts and cultural institutions, and world peace through world government. They were both born in Tallahassee, Florida, to well-established families in Florida's capital city.

After graduating from the Florida State College for Women, Clifton wed George and they began their life's work: offering interracial meeting spaces during the 1950s and 60s, helping to found institutions for art, dance, education, and environmental advocacy, and appealing to their local government for equal rights.

Visitors to the exhibition on the life work of Clifton Van Brunt Lewis will find many of the place names familiar, the institutions beloved, and the extent of her work inspiring. Local Tallahasseeans will enjoy the links between the museums they grew up going to, the art galleries they saw, and the parks they visited.

Newcomers will learn much about the change in Tallahassee over time as activists like Clifton and George reshaped the landscape of a small southern town.

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Clifton Lewis standing in front of a hand-painted sign promoting art - Tallahassee, Florida.


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Clifton Lewis holding up her sign in support of the ERA during demonstation at the Capitol in Tallahassee.


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The Kneadle, May 14, 1968


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George and Clifton Lewis with Patricia Stephens Due and two of her daughters.


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